About Our Company


There’s no question that it’s great to have a home of your own! However, a house also entails a great deal of responsibility. Of these, carpet cleaning might well require the most effort. All the fancy rooms and installations will be for naught if the entire thing looks dirty.


Unfortunately, carpet cleaning is also an extremely time-consuming and exhausting task. Carpet needs to maintain its color, pet odors need to be removed and the upholstery needs to be scrubbed. These days, who has the time or energy for so much work? You don’t even get paid for it!


The good news is that you can hire a skilled carpet cleaning service to take care of house cleaning. Our professionals at Silver Lightning Carpet Cleaning will have the tools and know-how to fix up your entire home (or just a part of it, if you would prefer). We take pride in our services that use steam cleaning in Chula Vista, CA.

If you need carpet cleaning, pet stain removal, fire and water damage restoration, upholstery cleaning, or even grout and tile cleaning in Chula Vista, CA, contact Silver Lightning Carpet Cleaning. We’ll do a great job with all of your cleaning needs.